AI Surveillance in Schools

Artificial Intelligence is posing a new positive to school systems around the country. The increased scrutiny of safety of schools in America is causing a void that needs to be filled. Artificial Intelligence may be the answer to this problem.

Schools are now using facial recognition, LPRs, microphones, and have even thrown around the idea of robots that patrol the hallways. These systems are far more accurate than the usual use of one or two security guards that patrol and watch live camera feeds all day. These new AI uses do things such as detecting weather a student should or should not be in the hallway at any given moment and send a signal to administration if it rules that the student is breaking any rules.

Another way that AI is being used for surveillance is in the students computers. Most schools in America have or will be providing students with individual computers. This poses problems such as cyber bullying and other inappropriate behaviors online. This brings the ability to monitor what each individual student is doing at any time of the day. Being able to flag keywords or phrases that would allude to things such as elf-harm, bullying, or any other inappropriate behavior and be able to send an alert to people to address this issue. This provides quick and easy solutions to behaviors that would usually have to be reported by another student. AI is truly the next great way to make schools a safer place to learn. 

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