New AI Legislation

Monday brought a surprise to everyone in the tech industry. Through a telephone briefing Donald Trump proposed the idea of signing an executive order that would direct resources and funnel investment into the artificial intelligence sector of the economy. The new title of this order will be Accelerating America’s Leadership in Artificial Intelligence. The order will direct agencies to focus resources towards AI, as well as, increasing access to federal information.

This brings up the big question that everyone has been asking, “How are we going to pay for these investments?” As of right now no announcement has been made on how this will be funded. Besides the fact that we do not know where the funding is coming from, we still have a lot of unanswered questions. How will the government re-assign resources to prioritize AI? What is the time frame of the order where we can expect to see results? Who will be responsible for enforcing this order?

Only time will tell what this plan will do for the future of AI. This is a good launching platform for America to take a leadership position in the global Artificial Intelligence Arena.

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