AI’s Massive Impacts on Health Care

There is always room to improve in the medical field. Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in health care in America. At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 2019 it seemed that AI was going to be the focus in the future of healthcare.

One area they focused on was Wearable items and at home surveillance systems. Everybody carries around a cell phone with them and the growth in smart watches has been exponential in the last few years. The healthcare industry sees a way to capitalize on this aspect. This would provide everybody with more convenient and cheaper health care. This provides people with medical advice from wherever they are. Another place that can be approved is the data collection and care patients receive when they leave the hospital. This is another place that experts expect advancements to happen in healthcare. New surveillance systems can help develop greater connections with patients and develop safer habits.

It is no question that in the next few years we will be advancing in the medical field. The question is how fast and what exactly it will cost. Will general healthcare costs rise to help provide funding for these? Will we have to sacrifice some of our privacy to make sure that we are safe and get better health care? Only time can answer these questions.

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