Lumen Touch Partners


A membership-based collaborative that is free of charge to all education institutions and government agencies and available for a modest annual membership fee to any EdTech organization. GG4L leverages its Platform to create purpose-built integrated ecosystems of EdTech solutions, aimed at specific impact initiatives, that could be easily implemented, validated and sustained financially for schools around the world, as they together drive school improvement. To date, over 450 organizations, serving over 100,000 schools globally, have joined as GG4L Members and agreed to GG4L’s membership pledge to advocate for open data interoperability standards, secure data exchange and strict student data privacy compliance.


CompuClaim is a leading provider of healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI), Medicaid processing and billing, healthcare service billing, and compliance systems that facilitatethe connection between healthcare providers, state and non-profit agencies and electronic payers. CompuClaim’s services have been chosen by public school districts, early intervention programs, statewide flu vaccine programs, medical practices and other healthcare providers across the U.S.


Greenbush offers industry leading programs to educational institutions that are otherwise unavailable, unaffordable, or just more effective and efficient through a cooperative effort. By forming consortiums, we allow school districts to pool resources to stretch funding even further. Whether the need is for office supplies, professional development, or technical support, a consortium means increased purchasing power.


MyMajors provides student-friendly college and career research and assessment technology to educational institutions across the country. Students research more than 1,600 college majors and over 40,000 pages of detailed career information. Students can find colleges and universities by the majors offered, as well as location, school size, and other criteria they find important in making a college choice.


Founded in 2010, BloomBoard is the leading professional development platform for empowering continuous, personalized, competency-based learning for K-12 educators. With BloomBoard, district administrators can provide meaningful professional learning experiences, improving how they support, scale, and grow effective teachers. For educators, BloomBoard provides a place to build new competencies and earn recognition through micro-credentials.

Clever Integration

Clever Integration Secure Sync maintains up-to-date roster information in your learning applications by securely transferring your roster uploads or connecting directly with your student information system (SIS). Learning applications regularly update any changes to your enrollment information in Clever. Clever gives staff and teachers more time to focus on things that really matter.


identiMetrics was born on Bastille Day 2002 in the Philadelphia area and is now the leader in biometric finger scanning solutions in K12 education.The founders are Dr. Jay Fry and Anne Marie Dunphy. Jay was a school Principal who had a problem with missing student ID cards, forgotten PINs, unauthorized building access, and inaccurate student records. Anne Marie was an investment banker who specialized in micro-cap companies. Together, they built an extraordinarily talented team. The result is the identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System™ featuring identiFi™ and a passion for world class customer service and support. identiMetrics proudly was an early signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge to safeguard the collection, maintenance and use of student personal information. identiMetrics also contributes to No Kid Hungry whose mission is to end childhood hunger in America.