Facebook/Intel AI Team Up

facebook-intel-AI-chipA new partnership has been created in the world of artificial intelligence. As of January 15th, 2019 Intel and Facebook have entered into a partnership to develop the next big thing in the artificial intelligence world. Facebook has already achieved uses for AI such as tagging people in photos, translation of posts, and filtering content on their site. However, even with these developments that Facebook has already made the partnership chip is far behind one of their biggest competitors in Nvidia.

The new Intel/Facebook chip has set out to develop a cheaper more efficient form of AI capable of revolutionizing machinery in the future. However, these claims are shrouded in mystery. Neither Intel nor Facebook have answered questions about said partnership. There have been no reports of early performance numbers or information about the new AI. Facebook has not addressed any questions about the partnership with Intel. We will see the answer to most of our questions soon however with the Intel/Facebook AI set to be released late in 2019.

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