AI in the Classroom

The integration of artificial intelligence into classrooms is virtually inevitable. According to Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector, AI is expected to grow upwards of 47.5% in American classrooms within the next four years. As we move more and more towards personalized learning the need for artificial intelligence grows. This is simply because of the time factor it takes to talk in depth with each student and find out what is best for him/her to help them learn better.


Integrating an artificial teaching assistant into the everyday classroom can help alleviate some of the stress involved with personalized learning, as well as increase the effectiveness of personalized learning.  Artificial teaching assistants can adjust the caseload of each individual student based off of certain inputs given by students while solving certain problems.  AI is expected to fill the gaps in teaching and learning, making teachers jobs easier. Content Technologies and Carnegie Learning are developing technology to provide Artificial Intelligence that can provide learning, testing, and feedback for each student. It provides students with challenges they are ready for, identifies gaps in their knowledge, and redirects students to new topics at appropriate times.

As we move closer to an AI future it becomes inevitable that AI integrates into classrooms. It is time to open up to the idea and embrace Artificial Intelligence into our classrooms so we don’t fall further behind other countries in the education sector.


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