Why Do Schools Choose Lumen Touch?

There are several all-in-one school systems from which school districts can choose, but time and again, schools choose Lumen Touch. Here are a few reasons why:

“Our district has used Lumen since 2006. I have held several different roles within our district and have utilized many areas within the Lumen SIS system. The Lumen team has always provided exceptional support. Their staff is knowledgeable not only about their SIS system, but also in areas important to the educational system. It has always been comforting to know they are in constant communication with the State Department and are informed and prepared for the ever changing world of education. Lumen works in partnership with the districts utilizing their program–making the program better and better as the years progress. Keeping the system user friendly while reporting data in an efficient and practical manner makes the program one of the best.”

-Dayna Barber, Cassville R-IV School District

Ongoing Support

When you choose Lumen Touch as your all-in-one school system, our team becomes part of your team. We work closely with your staff to provide intensive training and on-site support, consistently working to make platform updates that your school will find valuable.

“As we evaluated SIS vendors, we knew that it was going to be a chore no matter who was selected. All the systems were great, but we felt Lumen Touch listened and heard us on our district needs. Through the implementation process, the more we learned about the system the more we appreciated how much it has to offer our teachers, students, and community. Our connection with their entire team made us feel like a valued partner from the start. We have shared our experience with other districts recently in user groups. We’d encourage a district exploring other options to make sure Lumen Touch is one that you look at.”

-Debbie Hulsey, Sullivan School District

Limitless Resources for Teachers

Lumen Touch’s Bright RESOURCE integrated library system works seamlessly with your learning management system to manage resources for students and staff.  Accessible by PC, MAC, laptop, desktop, iPad, or other tablet, we can facilitate a quick and easy conversion from your existing library system, complete with an inventory management system that allows districts to create lists, scan items, generate reports, manage library fees for overdue books, and manage other items the library may lend out, including equipment, electronics, and supplies.

From the ability to look up books from home to the circulation desk features, this all-encompassing tool has been a real asset to our district. We have used an automated circulation system for years but could not afford the new product – along came Lumen with an integrated library system that works seamlessly with our current Lumen Student Management system. Lumen converted our current records in one day and had us up and running with our entire inventory intact. We also asked for specific searches and criteria in the system and Lumen added those features to ensure the data tracking and sorting we needed.

Kim Sheese, Mercer Co., Illinois

Continuous Improvement

At Lumen Touch, we’re never satisfied. We are always striving to find ways to provide more to our districts, whether it’s a new service, enhancements to existing modules, or customizations that make the system even more effective.

I would like to say that Lumen has been a lifesaver for the Fair Grove District. We switched to Lumen from another vendor at the end of the first semester several years ago due to issues with that vendor. I believe Lumen is the best student information system available. They do not accept the status quo; they listen to school district needs and desires and are always looking for ways to provide enhancements they believe will benefit school districts. When you need help immediately, there is always a voice on the other end to assist you. Once, when I had an urgent need, I watched three programmers log into our system to solve the issue; all I can say is WOW. That personal, and professional, touch won me over as a lifetime user of Lumen. I guess you could say I am one of their biggest cheerleaders. Thanks, Lumen, for an awesome system and service.

Julie Swadley, Instructional Technology Specialist, Fair Grove R-X School District

We Save Schools Time and Money

In every case study we have conducted, school districts that have switched to Lumen Touch have saved tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, our included audits have saved districts hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Not many companies can boast about having a single-platform solution like Lumen Touch that responds to the customer and market demands, that decreases the cost of a comprehensive digital platform in a time of financial crisis and provides the security in a world of cyber insecurity.”

-Rob Landers, The School District of Washington
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