Why Do Schools Choose Lumen Touch?

There are several all-in-one school systems from which school districts can choose, but time and again, schools choose Lumen Touch. Here are a few reasons why:

“Our district has used Lumen since 2006. I have held several different roles within our district and have utilized many areas within the Lumen SIS system. The Lumen team has always provided exceptional support. Their staff is knowledgeable not only about their SIS system, but also in areas important to the educational system. It has always been comforting to know they are in constant communication with the State Department and are informed and prepared for the ever changing world of education. Lumen works in partnership with the districts utilizing their program–making the program better and better as the years progress. Keeping the system user friendly while reporting data in an efficient and practical manner makes the program one of the best.”

-Dayna Barber, Cassville R-IV School District

Ongoing Support

When you choose Lumen Touch as your all-in-one school system, our team becomes part of your team. We work closely with your staff to provide intensive training and on-site support, consistently working to make platform updates that your school will find valuable.

“As we evaluated SIS vendors, we knew that it was going to be a chore no matter who was selected. All the systems were great, but we felt Lumen Touch listened and heard us on our district needs. Through the implementation process, the more we learned about the system the more we appreciated how much it has to offer our teachers, students, and community. Our connection with their entire team made us feel like a valued partner from the start. We have shared our experience with other districts recently in user groups. We’d encourage a district exploring other options to make sure Lumen Touch is one that you look at.”

-Debbie Hulsey, Sullivan School District

Limitless Resources for Teachers

Lumen Touch’s Bright RESOURCE integrated library system works seamlessly with your learning management system to manage resources for students and staff.  Accessible by PC, MAC, laptop, desktop, iPad, or other tablet, we can facilitate a quick and easy conversion from your existing library system, complete with an inventory management system that allows districts to create lists, scan items, generate reports, manage library fees for overdue books, and manage other items the library may lend out, including equipment, electronics, and supplies.

From the ability to look up books from home to the circulation desk features, this all-encompassing tool has been a real asset to our district. We have used an automated circulation system for years but could not afford the new product – along came Lumen with an integrated library system that works seamlessly with our current Lumen Student Management system. Lumen converted our current records in one day and had us up and running with our entire inventory intact. We also asked for specific searches and criteria in the system and Lumen added those features to ensure the data tracking and sorting we needed.

Kim Sheese, Mercer Co., Illinois

Continuous Improvement

At Lumen Touch, we’re never satisfied. We are always striving to find ways to provide more to our districts, whether it’s a new service, enhancements to existing modules, or customizations that make the system even more effective.

I would like to say that Lumen has been a lifesaver for the Fair Grove District. We switched to Lumen from another vendor at the end of the first semester several years ago due to issues with that vendor. I believe Lumen is the best student information system available. They do not accept the status quo; they listen to school district needs and desires and are always looking for ways to provide enhancements they believe will benefit school districts. When you need help immediately, there is always a voice on the other end to assist you. Once, when I had an urgent need, I watched three programmers log into our system to solve the issue; all I can say is WOW. That personal, and professional, touch won me over as a lifetime user of Lumen. I guess you could say I am one of their biggest cheerleaders. Thanks, Lumen, for an awesome system and service.

Julie Swadley, Instructional Technology Specialist, Fair Grove R-X School District

We Save Schools Time and Money

In every case study we have conducted, school districts that have switched to Lumen Touch have saved tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases, our included audits have saved districts hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Not many companies can boast about having a single-platform solution like Lumen Touch that responds to the customer and market demands, that decreases the cost of a comprehensive digital platform in a time of financial crisis and provides the security in a world of cyber insecurity.”

-Rob Landers, The School District of Washington
Why Lumen Touch

An All-in-One Student Information System Leads to Better Outcomes

At Lumen Touch, we don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. We believe that the tools and solutions a school chooses should enhance learning, empower educators, and provide districts with insight that enables informed decision making. Determining the right edtech solutions for your school can be difficult, but if you begin with an all-in-one student information system, the entire process can be so much easier.

Why an All-in-One Student Information System?

An all-in-one student information system gives your district broad visibility across every aspect of education, from attendance and health to academic progress and special education management. An all-in-one student management platform not only allows a district to save money, but it also creates a secure and connected school district. Real-time data lets educators make the best decisions for all students, with a two-way flow of information that allows Lumen Touch and the district to have an integrated partnership.

Benefits of an All-in-One Student Information System

All-In-One Solution

A single database to support all aspects of a school district’s needs not only allows for integrated data dashboards and applications but also lifts the burden from the IT department from managing 20 different systems.  

Saves Money and Creates Efficiencies

The average school district will save tens of thousands of dollars annually by creating new efficiencies for inventory management, attendance processing, and data reporting.

Increase Student Engagement

An all-in-one student information system allows schools to deliver better, more personalized education to all students, thereby enhancing learning. Immediate feedback on learning, process automation, and interactive assessment tools allow teachers to dedicate more time to helping students one-on-one. The time savings alone afforded to teachers is almost immeasurable.

Real-Time Data to Make Informed Decisions

One of the biggest benefits of an all-in-one student information system is the visibility provided to districts; with a single complete database, districts can see in real time all aspects of student achievement. This data transparency allows educators and district leaders to make better, faster, more informed decisions about curriculum, policies, and other factors that impact student success.

Lumen Touch was established in 2000 and has been diligently listening to its customers and building an all-in-one solution that is unparalleled in the education arena. You can experience a seamless technological solution that will save you time and money and allow your students and teachers to focus on improving their wellbeing. We focus on improving the learning opportunities for children with measurable outcomes. Request more information by emailing us at sales@lumentouch.com.

The Future of Learning: How Technology is Changing the Game

The future of learning is rapidly evolving, and Lumen Touch is not only eager to see what the future brings but is also actively helping schools embrace the technologies that are at the forefront of this revolution. From online learning to virtual reality in the classroom, technology is changing the way students learn and interact with information.

What Does the Future of Learning Mean for the Traditional Classroom?

As technology continues to change the game for learners, educators, and institutions, how can we harness technology’s potential to create a brighter future for education? According to a study conducted by EdTech Magazine, 90% of students were already using technology to learn by the year 2020 and 60% of teachers reported that their students were more engaged in lessons when technology was used. Rather than resisting the ways in which technology changes the classroom, most educators are embracing the empowerment it provides to them.

Technology Makes Learning More Accessible and Flexible

As most of us discovered during the pandemic, technology helped make education more accessible to more people. Technology also offered the kind of flexibility that allowed educators and districts to provide a wider range of educational opportunities. More personalized learning – not just for SPED but for all students – can be achieved through technology in education. We’ve seen the power of technology in action, connecting students with others around the world for unique learning experiences, improving interaction between students and their teachers, and increasing engagement from both students and their families.

Secondly, technology has made education more flexible. Gone are the days when students must attend classes at specific times and locations. With online courses, students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. This has led to an increase in personalized learning, as students can choose courses that align with their interests and goals.

The Rise of EdTech

We are not proponents of edtech for edtech’s sake, but we do believe that the right edtech solutions can enhance learning and provide tools for teachers that allow them to spend more time working directly with students instead of just dealing with mounting paperwork and compliance requirements. As VR and AR become more commonplace in classrooms, technology will open up even more opportunities for educators to provide immersive experiences to their students, enhancing learning and engagement.

The Future of Learning Is Now

As technology continues to enhance education, we believe it will result in a new generation of teachers who are able to spend more time working directly with students and providing enriched experiences, without feeling overwhelmed with the teaching process. Technology offered by districts may even be a way of attracting and retaining teachers. Affording technology in education is made simple with Lumen Touch. With special modules for special education, a full library, and modules for individual user data dashboards, Bright SUITE™ is an all-in-one enterprise management solution that allows districts to save money, improve student retention, and create a secure and connected school district. Access to real-time data lets educators make the best decisions for all students. Learn more.

Affording Technology in Education

We know that technology in education enhances learning and can be beneficial for both students and educators. The right technology can also provide district leaders with insights that help them to achieve better outcomes – both with students’ quality of education and with teacher hiring and retention. The biggest barrier? The perception that the cost of technology is too expensive to be worth the investment.

Lumen™ Touch’s Bright SUITE™ Makes Technology in Education Affordable

There are multiple ways in which Lumen Touch’s all-in-one school system, Bright SUITE, can help a district afford the cost of technology in education.

Measurable Financial Savings

In a recent case study that we conducted with a mid-size school district implementing Bright SUITE, the district realized actual savings of $32,000 annually. While every district’s budget is different, the average savings for a district implementing Bright SUITE is 30%, in addition to reduced attrition.

Happier Teachers

Attracting and retaining educators is a costly and time-consuming process for districts. Bright SUITE has a measurable impact in terms of reducing attrition. The all-in-one school system creates efficiencies that help teachers with routine tasks and allow them to focus on the one task that attracted them to the field in the first place: teaching. School districts experience improved loyalty and lower turnover when the right technology is in place to support teachers and make their jobs more efficient.

Increased Administrative Efficiency

Inventory management, attendance processing, and data reporting are all managed within the system, offering administrative efficiencies that save time and money. With better access to real-time data, district leaders are able to make quicker, more strategic decisions that improve the way their schools operate.

Improved Education Experience

Interactive assessment tools allow teachers to dedicate more time to helping students one-on-one. With the ability to automate processes and provide immediate feedback, teachers can improve the quality of education for students. The time savings afforded to teachers is almost immeasurable.

Accessible Anywhere

Lumen Touch prides itself on providing school districts with an all-in-one solution that can be accessed anywhere, any time, on any device. We strive to connect all students to opportunities, and this means that our system has to be accommodating of the latest technological advances. As a result, our system is web-based in order to serve as many students as possible on a number of devices, and our team is readily available for training, implementation, and customizations that make the system work the way in which each individual district needs.

Don’t just take our word for it:

Lumen Touch has been a lifesaver for the Fair Grove District. We switched to Lumen Touch from another vendor at the end of the first semester several years ago due to issues with that vendor. I believe Lumen Touch is the best student information system available. They do not accept status quo; they listen to school district needs and desires and are always looking for ways to provide enhancements they believe will benefit school districts. When you need help immediately, there is always a voice on the other end to assist you. Once, when I had an urgent need, I watched three programmers log into our system to solve the issue; all I can say is WOW. That personal and professional touch won me over as a lifetime user of Lumen Touch. I guess you could say I am one of their biggest cheerleaders. Thanks Lumen Touch for an awesome system and service.

– Julie Swadley, Instructional Technology Specialist, Fair Grove R-X school District

Technology in education is the future of learning, but there’s no reason it has to break the budget.

Learn more: https://www.lumentouch.com/

How an All-in-One School System Helps K-12 Education

Like an SIS on steroids, an all-in-one school system is the framework for an entire educational operation, freeing time for virtually every person who has a role to play in education from some of the minutia of running a school. Not only does an all-in-one school system enhance the process of educating K-12 students, but it can also save districts money through efficiency, consistency, and having an abundance of robust data in one place.

Benefits of an All-in-One School System

Providing K-12 students with a well-rounded education presents a variety of challenges that run the gamut of individual requirements, from unique health concerns and diverse backgrounds to different learning abilities and speeds. Yet students are put into classrooms, for the most part, based on nothing more than being in the same grade, putting pressure on educators to teach to a disparate group while also meeting district and state curriculum standards.

Lumen™ Touch is committed to providing best-in-class solutions to schools and school districts, making it easier to support teachers, students, families, and communities. Our ongoing mission is to revolutionize K-12 education. Lumen Touch’s Bright SUITE™ is a one-stop-shop for schools, incorporating everything a district needs, from a learning management system to student information systems to health-and-safety monitoring and reporting. An all-in-one school system like Bright SUITE can support the teaching process in the following ways:


An all-in-one school system can ensure that students receive a consistent and high-quality education throughout their K-12 journey. Not only can the system track their progress from one grade to another, but it gives a complete picture of the student, including health, behavioral information, and gaps in achievement.


One of the additional benefits teachers can realize with an all-in-one system is improved collaboration. Teachers can share resources, lesson plans, and ideas – not only throughout their own school but with other schools as well.  The system also provides a centralized location for teachers to organize and store course materials, such as lecture notes, assignments, and multimedia resources, making it easier for students to access and review course content from any location.

Personalized Learning

Teachers can leverage the technology and data available in the learning management system to help meet the needs of students through individualized learning. While there is a SPED component to the all-in-one solution, the technology provides teachers with tools to differentiate instruction and personalize learning for all students. Teachers can assign different tasks, provide additional resources, and monitor progress, to provide targeted support for students who need it. It can be used to help students work at their own pace, pursue learning that is meaningful to them on an individual basis, and remain engaged.

Streamlined Communication

An all-in-one school system comes with a communication component that makes communicating with parents, teachers, and students easier. It improves parent engagement and promotes parental involvement in their students’ education. Our parent portal within the system allows for parents to stay current in to the health, nutrition, behavior, and academic performance of their students.  Parents can even schedule conferences with teachers. Communication is also documented for teachers and administrators, so everyone is in the know. This can help to improve student engagement and encourage more thoughtful and reflective responses.


The administrative tasks that divert teachers’ attention away from the actual function of teaching – grading, scheduling, attendance tracking, testing – can all be done through the Instructor Suite. This benefit frees teachers’ time and allows them to focus on teaching and student engagement. The Instructor Suite also allows teachers to create and distribute assignments online, which can be submitted electronically by students. This helps teachers to track students’ progress and provide feedback in a timely manner. It will also show teachers if the student has a 504 or an IEP, any health issues, such as allergies or asthma, and associated accommodations.

Why Lumen Touch

With special modules for special education, a full library, and modules for individual user data dashboards, Bright SUITE is an all-in-one enterprise management solution that allows districts to save money, improve student retention, and create a secure and connected school district. Access to real-time data lets educators make the best decisions for all students. Learn more.

EdTech Is the Future of Education

Educational technology – edtech – really came into its own during the pandemic. A concept that was experiencing slow adoption rates and some resistance in classrooms suddenly became an immediate solution when schools were closed, and students were forced into distance learning. The necessity of online education forced districts and teachers to acknowledge the power of edtech in managing curriculum – and it forced communities to find ways to bridge inequities and ensure that every student had internet access. While inequity remains an ongoing challenge, much progress has been made during the past few years.

EdTech Levels the Playing Field for Students

One of the ways in which edtech enriches the educational experience is by giving students access to more information and more opportunities than they would have had otherwise. Not only does edtech open up possibilities for students to individualize their learning and pursue diverse interests, but it also brings the whole world closer to them. It empowers students while fueling their curiosity; learning becomes more fun.

EdTech Provides Districts Solutions for Complex Challenges

Edtech solutions – from health and safety to security to communication – help districts manage their schools more effectively. Do you even remember the days of paper attendance sheets and manual grading systems? What about trying to keep track of student vaccinations and allergies? All-in-one school systems have removed the burden of administration from the districts while providing them with more comprehensive data so that they can make informed decisions about how to best serve students, parents, and their communities.

EdTech Empowers Educators

Edtech empowers educators by freeing them from the daily minutia involved with teaching, so that they can focus on that which motivated them to join the profession in the first place: impacting young minds. With tools that help grade homework, manage student information, and conduct basic testing, as well as provide solutions for SPED and the cumbersome reporting required, teachers can spend less time doing paperwork and more time with students. This allows teachers to devote more time to individualized educational goals for every student without feeling overwhelmed.

EdTech Is the Future

While there are challenges that must be continually addressed – cybersecurity, student data privacy, data management – edtech offers the ability for schools to deliver a better educational experience that is more efficient and more cost-effective. Edtech is the future of learning. It enables districts to be better partners in their communities, improve engagement with parents and guardians, and fuel student motivation by having the ability to offer new and innovative opportunities in learning.

How to Solve the Data Management Problem in Your District

Managing student and district data can be extremely time consuming and complex. It is a challenge for most school districts, regardless of size. In addition to security concerns, managing servers and integrating student data from multiple applications can be a huge burden to small district IT teams. When you pile compliance and reporting requirements on top of that, the commitment can be more than a district can manage.

If your district IT department is overwhelmed with basic day-to-day data management, hindering their ability to focus on creating a modern digital community that would benefit your entire district, it might be time to consider a different way forward.

All-in-One School Systems Manage Data More Efficiently

An all-in-one enterprise management system not only saves money but also helps create a connected and secure school district. Teachers and administrators gain access to real-time data, which allows them to make better decisions in support of their students. Communications are secure and allow for improved engagement with students and parents. With improved resource efficiency, schools can spend less time focusing on data management and reporting and are able to focus instead on delivering the best learning opportunities. Districts are able to save money while meeting the increased need for administrative tracking, performance analysis, and detailed local and state reporting requirements.

All-in-One School Systems Ensure Safe Rostering of Student Data

One of the biggest data management challenges that districts face is the risk involved in sharing roster data with edtech vendors. Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is not just the ethical thing to do; in many cases, such safeguards are legislated by federal and state governments. Schools must remain in compliance with student privacy laws and ensure that the vendors with whom they share data are also using strenuous measures to protect that information. By employing an all-in-one school management system, rostering student data can be governed using a centralized, secure process that governs how schools share PII.

Lumen™ Touch Bright SUITE™ All-in-One System Is More than Just Software

Lumen Touch offers to districts an all-in-one solution that is more than just programming and software. Bright SUITE also offers a dedicated partnership with Lumen Touch experts who are part of ensuring your school’s success. Don’t take it from us; hear from one of our Midwestern school district clients:

Not many companies can boast about having a single-platform solution like Lumen Touch that responds to the customer and market demands, that decreases the cost of a comprehensive digital platform in a time of financial crisis and provides the security in a world of cyber insecurity.

– Director of Technology

To learn more about how Lumen Touch empowers the future of learning, get in touch. Email us at mailto:sales@lumentouch.com, call us at 816.880.0066, or visit www.lumentouch.com.

The Opportunity in Education

The recent COVID-related learning-loss numbers are being lamented across the country, becoming yet another weight on the shoulders of teachers who are often working in less-than-ideal circumstances as staffing shortages continue to mount. While learning gaps in math and reading are something to be addressed, the opportunity to change our approach and revolutionize learning in education has never been closer to reality. So where do we go from here, and how do we leverage this opportunity to transform education in a way that benefits students, teachers, and districts?

Stop Measuring Against What “Should” Be

We’re all for establishing benchmarks and using data to obtain the insights necessary to personalize education for each student. However, holding students to a standard based on previous test scores or outdated benchmarks isn’t fair to students or teachers. Instead, we must strive to meet the students where they are and move them forward.

From early on in a students’ education, we focus on measuring failure. Spelling and math tests are administered so that we can mark what they get wrong. Standardized tests focus on how far beneath the average they are. We then assume that wherever students are measured at that moment academically is where they will remain. This places an undue burden on students and teachers to always approach education as if it is remedial. Instead, we should focus on student successes and strengths, on each student’s interests, and on finding ways to improve motivation, engagement, and subject matter expertise by teaching to their passions.

Employ the Right EdTech to Help Improve Skills Quickly

Not every student is going to be in the same place academically – and that’s probably the greatest challenge for teachers. How do you teach to a classroom full of students who have all made different levels of progress in the previous two years while mostly schooling from home? Instead of adding that kind of stress to educators, let edtech play a role in individualizing the education of each student. Encourage students to work on personalized tracks, measuring their individual progress against their own starting point. This will free teachers to spend more one-on-one time with students who need additional instruction and support without holding back those who are ready for more.

Recognize the Opportunity Rather than the Adversity of the Moment

We are being presented with an opportunity to revolutionize education – to move away from standardized testing and toward individualized learning; to move away from grade level placements and toward individual education goals; to move away from changing classes and teachers every year to assigning students to the same education team across multiple years. The education system was completely disrupted by the pandemic, but why would we want to return to a system that was already outdated and underperforming?

Redesign the Curriculum – Eliminate Standardized Tests

We are doing our students a complete disservice by clinging to the old way of doing things, simply because we’ve always done it that way. We’re not preparing them to get a job in the workplace. The future of learning should look and feel radically different. Placing the priority on learning instead of on meeting standardized test score benchmarks is only the first step in recognizing that standardized testing does not test students for the functional education that they need to succeed in society.

Preparing Students for the Future

Our education system literally has not been updated in over a century, so the changes that have happened in the last two years out of necessity are ones we should sustain. A well-educated society is the backbone of an economically strong, socially engaged country – but today’s students need more than just great math and reading scores on standardized tests. They need to be prepared for a future that is inimitably more progressive than the one that any generation before them has experienced.

The future of learning should be individualized. Assessments should not be used to penalize students but rather to help encourage and customize learning. And what students learn should be modernized and revolutionized so that the students moving through the education system today are prepared to live, work, and engage in the society of tomorrow. Learn more about how Lumen™ Touch is contributing to the future of learning.

Don’t Be Scared to Embrace the Future of Learning

The spooky season might have left us all feeling a little frightened, but when it comes to preparing students for the future workforce, we can’t be scared to embrace the future of learning. The future of learning is not going to be anything like our current schools. The future of learning is exciting, innovative, active, and continually evolving. Here’s what we’re excited about:

More Individualized Learning

Right now, a student must be on an IEP or a 504 to be guaranteed individualized learning. Educational accommodations are often too labor-intensive, and if they are not required, they are typically not provided. However, technology is making it easier for educators to deliver the basic curriculum using digital content, edtech solutions, and automated grading and testing. This leaves time for teachers to engage more personally with each individual student, fostering their interests and allowing a more individualized experience across the board for all students.

Smarter Classrooms, Smarter Tech

We need to move away from education that is based on 100-year-old ideas. As we learn more about how technology can be used to enhance education and prepare students for the future workforce, we’ll see refinements in the way it is incorporated in the classroom. There will be more hands-on education – think robotics, programming, AI and VR – as well as better means of understanding and assessing which tools are actually impacting overall student achievement. Data will be the key to understanding what’s next, but technology will give us the information we need in a clear and easy-to-understand dashboard.

A New Generation of Digital-Savvy Educators

New graduates entering the teaching profession are digital natives who have spent their entire lives using technology. They will bring unique perspectives about how to teach the students of the future and provide insights on what those students will need to become more engaged. These digital-savvy educators will help revolutionize the classroom – if they are given the opportunity and freedom to lead us all into the future we need. Experienced teachers who are given the opportunity to improve their tech skills will bring the best of both worlds – in-depth pedagogical experience and modern tech savviness.

Buy-In from the Top

Administrators will begin to see the numbers and make connections between the programs they provide in the K-12 setting and the increased graduation rates, increased college attendance rates, and higher wages. It will create enthusiasm and excitement for the potential that every student has and how the K-12 school’s role will become integral in their lifetime success.

The future of education is bright, and Lumen™ Touch is excited to be a part of the education evolution with you. To learn more about how Lumen Touch empowers the future of learning, get in touch. Email us at sales@lumentouch.com, call us at 816.880.0066, or visit www.lumentouch.com.

Looking Forward: Top Challenges for School Administrators

As we approach the end of another year, the top challenges for school administrators remain largely unchanged. While challenges related to the pandemic are subsiding, other challenges as a result of the pandemic, namely extreme teacher shortages, continue to be a growing problem. Protecting student data and enacting the right policies and procedures to address student data privacy are also a huge challenge for school administrators, as well as IT leaders. And finding ways to evolve school curriculums to reflect the changing demands of the workforce requires innovative and creative approaches.

Addressing Teacher Shortages

Addressing teacher shortages is one of the top challenges administrators will face in the next few years. The two-pronged approach required to address this issue – increasing retention and attracting new teachers – is only partially in the control of the administration. Right now, there are fewer students choosing to go into the teaching profession, so there are systemic issues that can only be addressed through community and congressional action that ensure higher teacher pay and improved teacher support systems. At the district level, however, administrators can retain and attract educators by offering four things:

  1. A seat at the table when decisions are being made about curriculum
  2. A pathway to career development
  3. Support in and out of the classroom
  4. Tools that make managing education easier

Protecting Student Data

Data security in schools will be an ongoing discussion. Cyber criminals continue to find new ways to attack critical infrastructures; schools and other organizations must continue to find ways to thwart them. But there are specific actions schools can take to better protect their data:

  1. Enact policies that require every person who works in or with your school to complete regular and ongoing cybersecurity training.
  2. Insist on multi-factor authentication to access your network.
  3. Employ the use of an all-in-one school system.

Evolving School Curriculums

CTE programs can be a great way to instill the technical knowledge K-12 students will need. But the future of education is not just about technology; it’s also about teaching the soft skills that students will need to navigate the future workforce. There are several edtech solutions that can help in that regard.

Being a school administrator demands a lot of responsibility, and these upcoming and ongoing challenges for administrators will require the partnership of vendors, the community, the government, parents, and students. Lumen Touch is here to help. Our goal is to connect every student to opportunity.

To learn more about how Lumen™ Touch empowers the future of learning, get in touch. Email us at sales@lumentouch.com, call us at 816.880.0066, or visit www.lumentouch.com.