Meeting Special Needs with Bright SPED

More students than ever before are receiving individual education accommodations through 504s and IEPs. These accommodations are important and necessary, but they can place a tremendous burden on the classroom teacher responsible for implementing and managing the accommodations. How do districts make it easier for educators to deliver the education that students need without overtaxing them? Call Lumen™ Touch.

Equipping Teachers with the Right Tools

Writing goals, reporting student progress, and developing transition plans is often a time-consuming and aggravating process, especially when forced to use archaic evaluation systems. Educators must often focus on filling out forms rather than on accommodating students, putting the emphasis on paperwork completion and reporting compliance rather than on individualized education. It can be dehumanizing for both the teachers and the students.  

Automate the Paperwork

Bright SPED™ by Lumen Touch lifts the burden from educators, as well as others on the special education team, by automating the cumbersome paperwork and reporting processes. Bright SPED is designed to address complexities and changing dynamics in special education planning, development, and reporting. Powered by a data-driven infrastructure that does not rely on forms processing, Bright SPED delivers a comprehensive, timesaving, web-based tool for special education programs that meets federal and state compliance modifications in a timely way.

What Does Bright SPED Mean for Your School?

Bright SPED makes it easier for everyone in the district to provide quality, individualized instruction to students with special needs. IEPs can be reviewed, updated, and printed from the Lumen Touch interface. It’s quick and easy to review accommodations and student goals. It also guides teachers through the entire IEP process, including the time-consuming phase of developing annual goals and building IEPs. The solution is designed to provide support to staff and students as well as simplify communication with parents. Bright SPED also provides the ability to have all documentation (IEP, other special education forms, etc.) fully translated into the parent’s native language.

If meeting special ed mandates has overwhelmed your school and district, let Lumen Touch demonstrate how we can free you to focus on what’s important: educating students and creating the leaders we need for the future.  Email us at, call us at 816.880.0066, or visit

The Future of Special Education

The past few years have proven that being proactive is the best measure against unpredictable and unexpected changes in education. We’ve seen the benefit of proactivity in measurable ways: Districts that already had mobile devices issued to their students faired better during the pandemic than their counterparts; districts that were already using edtech to deliver education in and out of the classroom faired even better.

But to create the inclusive, equitable future in education that we all want, students who are most vulnerable to unexpected and unpredictable changes – students on IEPs and 504s, and other students who require accommodations to their education – need to be prioritized in future planning.

The Complex and Dynamic Challenges of Managing Special Education

Today’s students are a complex and dynamic population, and districts are obligated to provide unique support and student management for everything from medical disorders and allergies to mental health and SEL to special needs accommodations. Facilitating the needs of students who require special learning accommodations through IEPs and 504s has often been quite laborious and paperwork intensive. And if the student’s services aren’t properly documented, the school may have difficulty getting reimbursements from Medicaid, which can be quite costly.

Special Education Management Does Not Have to Be Overwhelming or Costly

Schools that implement a stable, collaborative, and data driven system like Lumen Touch’s Bright SPED, which handles the unique needs of the school’s population, can save money and time while delivering a more comprehensive individualized education to students that lead to better outcomes. With funding riding on a compliant and accurate report of services and students, having a single platform like Bright SPED, in which data monitoring and compliance checks are built into the software, can help districts better manage their entire special education program.

Bright SPED Empowers Districts, Teachers, Students, and Parents

Bright SPED is an integrated IEP, 504 and Medicaid Billing management system designed for students, teachers, parents, and administrators. The Medicaid billing allows you to bring additional money back to the district more easily and effectively. Bright SPED has a customizable goal bank, automated notifications, and personalized dashboards for each user. These tools ensure all areas of IEPS are completed correctly and are fully compliant. Highlights include:

  • Simultaneous collaboration – no worries about overwriting some else’s input!
  • Customizable options to allow districts to track data efficiently and assist departments to increase improvement for state compliance.
  • Embedded progress monitoring tools offers parents understandable visuals to share the progress on IEP goals and objectives for their student.
  • Provides a data-driven infrastructure that does not rely on forms processing, allowing Bright SPED to meet Federal and State compliance modifications in a timelier manner.

Benefits of Bright SPED for Your School

Data Driven – Clear and concise data across all schools in a district.

Unified Platform – Bright SPED provides districts with a unified platform that Is adaptable to goals and efficiently manages Medicaid Billing.

Compliance Focused – Built-in compliance checks throughout the Bright SPED system help ensure success.

Customer Centered – The Lumen Touch team works with schools through implementation and beyond, always willing to make customized adjustments to meet the specific needs of a district.

Learn more about Bright SPED by Lumen Touch:

Bright SPED: Addressing ALL Student Needs During Uncertain Times

We know that many of you are busy making plans to support all students during these uncertain times in our community and want you to know that we are here for you! We have been diligently following both federal and state updates as they are being released and will be making any adjustments to reporting requirements if necessary.

Special Students Still Need Support

Your Bright SPED system will continue to support communication with staff and student teams, progress reports, and IEP forms and documentation. Bright SPED is a multi-user system, allowing your team to work together on an individual record at the same time (but not on the same field).  Lumen Messenger and Case Notes create a space to have constant communication between team members. Since Bright SPED is a true, data driven system, all information is updated in real time. Electronic signatures within the system can be very helpful for the signing of your forms and for your participants meeting virtually.  Access to your site is available on any device, anywhere.

If you would like to know more on how your system can help you during these ‘virtual’ times, please feel free to register for an overview here.

We are also busy making updates to include a Bright SPED Parent Portal for districts to share with their parents.  This will allow for documentation to be shared and signed virtually, to ease virtual meetings and document processing.  Be on the lookout for these features in the next week.

We will be closely monitoring all updates and notifications from both federal and state officials.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please never hesitate to reach out to us at