An All-in-One Student Information System Leads to Better Outcomes

At Lumen Touch, we don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. We believe that the tools and solutions a school chooses should enhance learning, empower educators, and provide districts with insight that enables informed decision making. Determining the right edtech solutions for your school can be difficult, but if you begin with an all-in-one student information system, the entire process can be so much easier.

Why an All-in-One Student Information System?

An all-in-one student information system gives your district broad visibility across every aspect of education, from attendance and health to academic progress and special education management. An all-in-one student management platform not only allows a district to save money, but it also creates a secure and connected school district. Real-time data lets educators make the best decisions for all students, with a two-way flow of information that allows Lumen Touch and the district to have an integrated partnership.

Benefits of an All-in-One Student Information System

All-In-One Solution

A single database to support all aspects of a school district’s needs not only allows for integrated data dashboards and applications but also lifts the burden from the IT department from managing 20 different systems.  

Saves Money and Creates Efficiencies

The average school district will save tens of thousands of dollars annually by creating new efficiencies for inventory management, attendance processing, and data reporting.

Increase Student Engagement

An all-in-one student information system allows schools to deliver better, more personalized education to all students, thereby enhancing learning. Immediate feedback on learning, process automation, and interactive assessment tools allow teachers to dedicate more time to helping students one-on-one. The time savings alone afforded to teachers is almost immeasurable.

Real-Time Data to Make Informed Decisions

One of the biggest benefits of an all-in-one student information system is the visibility provided to districts; with a single complete database, districts can see in real time all aspects of student achievement. This data transparency allows educators and district leaders to make better, faster, more informed decisions about curriculum, policies, and other factors that impact student success.

Lumen Touch was established in 2000 and has been diligently listening to its customers and building an all-in-one solution that is unparalleled in the education arena. You can experience a seamless technological solution that will save you time and money and allow your students and teachers to focus on improving their wellbeing. We focus on improving the learning opportunities for children with measurable outcomes. Request more information by emailing us at

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