Lumen Touch Supports Teacher Work-Life Balance

Demands on teachers over the past few years have grown to insurmountable levels, causing many to reconsider their career choices. According to NPR, there are 300,000 open positions for teachers in the U.S. This means that those who have decided to remain in their jobs will have larger class sizes and more responsibilities to shoulder.

Lumen Touch Is Designed to Lighten their Burden

Lumen Touch’s all-in-one school system is designed to lighten teachers’ workload and make it easier for them to do what they went to school for: teach. By automating assessments and assignments, teachers can spend more time delivering instruction and spending one-on-one time with students who need extra help.

Love Your Job Again

Lumen Touch’s all-in-one student information system, Bright SUITE™, has a measurable impact in terms of reducing the amount of time teachers work outside the classroom. The all-in-one school system creates efficiencies that help teachers with routine tasks and allow them to focus on teaching. Teachers don’t want to leave the field, but they often feel compelled to do so when there are few, if any, tools and technology in place that help make their jobs more efficient.

Better Reporting and Visibility

The best part about an all-in-one school information system is the transparency. Teachers can readily see student history, sync grades, and create reports that meet compliance for IEPs and 504s; with a visual on where students are struggling, teachers can tailor their education plans and help improve their students’ chances of being successful. With access to special education modules, a full library, and modules for individual user data dashboards, Bright SUITE allows teachers to save time, improve student success rates, and benefit from access to real-time data, to make the best decision for every student. 

Improved Collaboration

With Bright SUITE, teachers can share resources, lesson plans, and ideas – not only throughout their own school but with other schools as well.  The system also provides a centralized location for teachers to organize and store course materials, such as lecture notes, assignments, and multimedia resources, making it easier for students to access and review course content from any location and reducing the workload for teachers in subsequent years.

Lumen Touch was established in 2000 and has been diligently listening to educators and school leaders, in order to build a meaningful and effective all-in-one solution that is unparalleled in the education arena. We focus on improving the learning opportunities for children with measurable outcomes. Request more information by emailing us at or keep reading here to learn more.

Are Teachers Unsung Heroes? Who Is Listening?

In the medical world, we have been giving a tremendous amount of praise and recognition to the doctors and nurses who have been combating the coronavirus. We are providing them with pandemic protection equipment, we are developing safety protocols, and we are paying them more to come into areas where additional help is needed.

Can we truly say we are doing the same for teachers and school staff or are we demanding they return to a work environment that will compromise their health? What are the challenges associated with going back to school? Here’s what teachers are asking about:

Many teachers are challenged with metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity; respiratory diseases, such as asthma; cardiovascular diseases, such as mild heart failure; and autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. As well, some teachers are immunocompromised patients recovering from cancer treatment or organ transplants. Do these teachers get more robust protection equipment and special assignments to reduce their risk?

So, when we go into this new world of learning, we will still be in the fog as leadership is clearly lacking when it comes to providing direction that responds to these concerns, and decision makers have different vested interests. Moreover, we have compounded the medical crisis with a social enlightening, drawing attention to mutual equity and equal education.

Our teachers have always been heroes but in most cases have gone unrecognized.

This crisis has focused a spotlight on the education system and the value of the teacher versus the institution. And guess what? The spotlight is only going to get brighter as we move into a whole new dimension of learning and unmask the travesties of our existing school systems. And this is not the time to add additional technology to fix the crisis but rather to look at what schools are trying to deliver by way of learning and realizing that their technology is not suited for the crisis and the future.

Is it reasonable to consider online-only instruction for most students?

As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in 32 states, health experts predict that schools will not truly be able to return to some semblance of normal until May or June of 2021. Knowing that, we can begin now to address the challenges of maintaining a distance-learning environment. While there were a number of hiccups in getting started with distance learning last spring, most teachers were able to overcome the challenges – as were most students. With better support to infrastructure, addressing the inequity of Wi-Fi and device access, many students can continue with distance learning. By facilitating distance learning for as many students as possible, those who really cannot remain home, whether because of financial reasons or because of special needs that require in-person therapy and guidance, can have enough space within the school facilities to be accommodated.

Lumen Touch Is Here for You – Start with our No-Cost Audit

We don’t have all the answers, but we continuously monitor the learning space and add more capability to our platform, such as integrated video and computer-based interactivity, and Covid-19 monitoring and tracking with parent, teacher, and student portals to keep everyone informed every moment of their day.

We also have a seasoned audit team that will help you find means to pay for extra costs when your budgets are being cut. This audit is at NO COST to you and has saved some districts hundreds of thousands of dollars. Get in touch to learn more.