Lumen Touch and Paywat Announce Partnership

Lumen Touch is pleased to announce our partnership with Paywat. Together, we deliver to schools an easy and efficient way for parents to process payments securely. From lunch money to registration fees to library fines, Lumen Touch and Paywat make it easier for schools to receive payments.

No Cost to Schools

As our preferred partner, Paywat is integrated with our systems, adding no additional cost to schools for use of the feature. Parents who choose to use the online payment feature pay a small fee. Parents will simply use the Lumen Touch platform as they normally do; they’ll just have an additional button to pay electronically.

Part of the Lumen Touch Promise

Lumen Touch is committed to providing best-in-class solutions to schools and school districts, making it easier to support teachers, students, families, and the community. As a K-12-focused payment platform that streamlines online payments, this is an important integration.

  • Your district’s business office can use the same reports from Lumen Touch that they currently use.
  • Funds are directly deposited into school bank accounts on a regular basis; there are no new accounts to track.
  • A single balance per user is noted across the entire integrated platform.

We are working to develop even more integrations, including parent engagement and communication tools.

It has never been easier to start using Paywat together with the Lumen Touch system. Just reach out to your Lumen Touch contact today! We’ll give you a quick overview, and once you’re comfortable, we’ll enable the process. Ask Lumen Touch to enable Paywat today.

About Paywat

Located just outside of Philadelphia, Paywat is focused on solving the communication challenges that exist in schools, particularly in regard to collecting payments. Paywat was founded by a parent who was fed up with the convoluted process of making school payments, having to rely on different tools for school payments, fundraising campaigns, communications, and forms processes. Someone had to do better. Our customers believe that we have hit the nail on the head. Learn more at

Putting Teachers on the Bright Path to Success

In any industry, employee retention is both a challenge and a necessity. When we’re talking about the professionals who mold the minds of the future doctors, lawyers, and leaders of this country, retention becomes a mandate. And as with every industry, one way to improve teacher retention is to give them the tools they need – to teach more effectively, to be more impactful with special populations, and to grow professionally. Bright Path™ by Lumen Touch is a professional development program specifically designed for personalized teacher professional development.

What Is Bright Path?

Bright Path connects educators to dynamic learning opportunities with highly effective learning programs that help streamline professional development. By offering customizable courses and units of study to fit the learning needs of leaders, teachers, and support staff, professional development has never been so easy. As educator professional training and advancement through micro-credentialing gains momentum, Bright Path provides the sophisticated solution school administrators need to improve retention rates. Bright Path provides:

  • Just-in-time learning, anywhere, anytime
  • Proven best practices for instructors
  • One-stop shop for all members of the education community
  • Easily monitor learning progress of content
  • Streamline all professional development
  • Résumé builder, providing micro-credentialing through Master Teacher
  • Free, innovative global content

Teacher Retention and Attraction

Offering professional development opportunities not only helps you retain the teachers you hire but it also can be used to attract higher quality teachers to your district. Teaching is a difficult job, and most people who go into the profession do so because of their passion for education. Providing professional development opportunities makes teachers feel valued and supported in their desired vocation.

Improved Outcomes for Students

Teaching is not a static profession. There are always new things to learn, both in the subject matter being taught and in educational approaches. Providing professional development to teachers that deepens their subject knowledge and empowers them with the tools they need to better engage and instruct students has a measurable impact on student achievement.

The Benefits of Teacher Professional Development

When school leaders invest in teacher professional development, they end up with better teachers who stay longer and are more satisfied with their jobs. This, in turn, translates to a more well-educated student body, increased satisfaction with the school from the entire community, and many other positive outcomes. Bright Path is the place to start to improve teacher professional development opportunities. For more information, email us at, call us at 816.880.0066, or visit