Affording Technology in Education

We know that technology in education enhances learning and can be beneficial for both students and educators. The right technology can also provide district leaders with insights that help them to achieve better outcomes – both with students’ quality of education and with teacher hiring and retention. The biggest barrier? The perception that the cost of technology is too expensive to be worth the investment.

Lumen™ Touch’s Bright SUITE™ Makes Technology in Education Affordable

There are multiple ways in which Lumen Touch’s all-in-one school system, Bright SUITE, can help a district afford the cost of technology in education.

Measurable Financial Savings

In a recent case study that we conducted with a mid-size school district implementing Bright SUITE, the district realized actual savings of $32,000 annually. While every district’s budget is different, the average savings for a district implementing Bright SUITE is 30%, in addition to reduced attrition.

Happier Teachers

Attracting and retaining educators is a costly and time-consuming process for districts. Bright SUITE has a measurable impact in terms of reducing attrition. The all-in-one school system creates efficiencies that help teachers with routine tasks and allow them to focus on the one task that attracted them to the field in the first place: teaching. School districts experience improved loyalty and lower turnover when the right technology is in place to support teachers and make their jobs more efficient.

Increased Administrative Efficiency

Inventory management, attendance processing, and data reporting are all managed within the system, offering administrative efficiencies that save time and money. With better access to real-time data, district leaders are able to make quicker, more strategic decisions that improve the way their schools operate.

Improved Education Experience

Interactive assessment tools allow teachers to dedicate more time to helping students one-on-one. With the ability to automate processes and provide immediate feedback, teachers can improve the quality of education for students. The time savings afforded to teachers is almost immeasurable.

Accessible Anywhere

Lumen Touch prides itself on providing school districts with an all-in-one solution that can be accessed anywhere, any time, on any device. We strive to connect all students to opportunities, and this means that our system has to be accommodating of the latest technological advances. As a result, our system is web-based in order to serve as many students as possible on a number of devices, and our team is readily available for training, implementation, and customizations that make the system work the way in which each individual district needs.

Don’t just take our word for it:

Lumen Touch has been a lifesaver for the Fair Grove District. We switched to Lumen Touch from another vendor at the end of the first semester several years ago due to issues with that vendor. I believe Lumen Touch is the best student information system available. They do not accept status quo; they listen to school district needs and desires and are always looking for ways to provide enhancements they believe will benefit school districts. When you need help immediately, there is always a voice on the other end to assist you. Once, when I had an urgent need, I watched three programmers log into our system to solve the issue; all I can say is WOW. That personal and professional touch won me over as a lifetime user of Lumen Touch. I guess you could say I am one of their biggest cheerleaders. Thanks Lumen Touch for an awesome system and service.

– Julie Swadley, Instructional Technology Specialist, Fair Grove R-X school District

Technology in education is the future of learning, but there’s no reason it has to break the budget.

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