Meeting Special Needs with Bright SPED

More students than ever before are receiving individual education accommodations through 504s and IEPs. These accommodations are important and necessary, but they can place a tremendous burden on the classroom teacher responsible for implementing and managing the accommodations. How do districts make it easier for educators to deliver the education that students need without overtaxing them? Call Lumen™ Touch.

Equipping Teachers with the Right Tools

Writing goals, reporting student progress, and developing transition plans is often a time-consuming and aggravating process, especially when forced to use archaic evaluation systems. Educators must often focus on filling out forms rather than on accommodating students, putting the emphasis on paperwork completion and reporting compliance rather than on individualized education. It can be dehumanizing for both the teachers and the students.  

Automate the Paperwork

Bright SPED™ by Lumen Touch lifts the burden from educators, as well as others on the special education team, by automating the cumbersome paperwork and reporting processes. Bright SPED is designed to address complexities and changing dynamics in special education planning, development, and reporting. Powered by a data-driven infrastructure that does not rely on forms processing, Bright SPED delivers a comprehensive, timesaving, web-based tool for special education programs that meets federal and state compliance modifications in a timely way.

What Does Bright SPED Mean for Your School?

Bright SPED makes it easier for everyone in the district to provide quality, individualized instruction to students with special needs. IEPs can be reviewed, updated, and printed from the Lumen Touch interface. It’s quick and easy to review accommodations and student goals. It also guides teachers through the entire IEP process, including the time-consuming phase of developing annual goals and building IEPs. The solution is designed to provide support to staff and students as well as simplify communication with parents. Bright SPED also provides the ability to have all documentation (IEP, other special education forms, etc.) fully translated into the parent’s native language.

If meeting special ed mandates has overwhelmed your school and district, let Lumen Touch demonstrate how we can free you to focus on what’s important: educating students and creating the leaders we need for the future.  Email us at, call us at 816.880.0066, or visit